We've made Filehaven free for two months to help teams through COVID19

The current concerns surrounding COVID19 are pushing businesses all over the world to move to working remotely and this can be quite a scary task for businesses that haven't embraced the freedoms and concerns remote working provides.

That's why we're giving new companies the ability to use Filehaven for two months free of charge whilst COVID19 is still a significant threat to businesses and the public.

In order to redeem two months free of charge, all you need to do is enter FREEFORTWO as the coupon code in our checkout. This will give you the full product to use with your team and your clients without paying a penny until 2 months have passed. Hopefully this would have all blown over by then and businesses will be slowly returning to normal.

We're still fully operational throughout this challenging point in time and our support is still available 8am to 6pm as per normal.

We know Filehaven works well with remote teams (some of our existing clients are split over 14 countries) and we hope that this small gesture will help others improve their technology stack used with clients.

To sign up, head on over to https://filehaven.app/register