Multi-contact Conversations have landed!

We've just released a fantastic set of additions to Filehaven to make it possible to talk to more than one contact per conversation. Previously you could only communicate with a single contact per conversation but to make it easier to talk to couples or associated corporate clients you can now add an unlimited number of contacts!

This has numerous benefits for businesses and we've itemised a few ways you could use this below:

❓ Collaborate with a husband and wife on their financial plans

❓ Share a conversation with your outsourced paraplanner (when they're setup as a client)

❓ Add professional partners (solicitors, accountants etc) to conversations with mutual clients

For more information on how this amazing new feature works, checkout our support guide over here πŸ‘‰

In case you've not logged in for a while, we've also released these new features / upgrades recently:

βœ… Advisers can always restore and archive conversations even if they didn't create them.

βœ… User pop-ups are no longer cut off on their left edge on the conversations

βœ… Clients can no longer see the "Updates and Roadmap" section

🐜 A rare bug where conversation messages appear out of order has been squished

πŸ”₯ New control panel look and feel

That's it for now. We're still working on the mobile apps, document signing and much, much more!

Until next time, happy Filehaven-ing!