Compliance teams rejoice - Exports have arrived

Happy New Year to you all. We've kicked the new year off with the release of one of the most hotly anticipated features on our public roadmap - conversation exports!

Many firms have requested an easy way to export out the messages and files shared with clients from conversations in Filehaven and we've built and effortless way for you to keep your compliance team happy.

The feature is explained in this little Loom video over here:

The export tool generates a zip file that contains two files; an Excel spreadsheet containing all the messages sent and another zip file of uploaded files.

The Excel file itemises who said what, at what time and also lists if any files were uploaded alongside messages. If a file was uploaded it'll list the filenames of those files which you can find in the zip file too.

One button, one click, on export file. We like simple!

We really hope you love this new feature but as ever if you have any feedback at all please feel free to get in touch with us on twitter @myfilehaven or drop us a quick message on our live-chat tool.