Snapshot #2 – The action-packed sequel

Our second week of being live to the world featured plenty of signups, conversations and a big mention in the press, too!

Let’s talk numbers

Bearing in mind this is our second week of being live we are over the moon to be growing by around two or three firms a day.

We’ve had over thirty conversations through our live-chat tool as well, ranging from general enquiries with Swedish banks to assisting existing users with implementation.

The platform stats are pretty impressive too. Over 90 files have been shared with 50+ clients and 150+ messages have been exchanged between clients and their advisers.

For us, the real win so far is that within two weeks, 150+ messages weren’t sent via open-to-the-world email.

This week’s deployments

We’ve had plenty of conversations this week with excitable firms and advisers on how Filehaven could be implemented and this in turn has led to a few enhancements and fixes being rolled out. The more sizeable ones are mentioned below –

FIX: The login link on our magic login mechanism has been tweaked to send you on to the right screen.

FIX: Support in older browsers has been greatly improved. That includes the ugly duckling – Internet Explorer 11

Upcoming enhancements

We’ve been working away on some really awesome enhancements following conversations with our clients and we’re hoping to roll these out shortly.

🔥 NEW: Choose which team members receive notifications on each project (preview below)

Pick who should receive what on an ad-hoc basis

NEW: Simplified notifications view (preview below)

Feature focus – Adding other team members

You know what they say, team work makes the dream work!

We’re going to start redirecting our feature focuses to our help centre over here moving forward.

To find out how to add your team, checkout our article here.

Our first mention in the press

Our launch press-release was picked up by the amazing team at New Model Adviser this week. If you haven’t taken a look already go take a look at the full article here.

And finally, food for thought, a mortgage broker was fined by the Financial Ombudsman as a client lost money due to insecure email accounts and a scam email.

Checkout the light reading here but it raises a real question around whether email should be used day-to-day by brokers and advisers due to the fact that you cannot prove who actually “sent” or “received” the email. Filehaven is a good solution to that problem.

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